Wild Anna

First Impressions

Wild Anna strikes me as a glamorous and sexy girl when I first visit her tour. She´s wearing heavy makeup that looks good since it gives her a slutty, naughty tone. She also has a wicked hot body with small perky breasts and a tight waist. She´ll be showing off a gorgeous ass and pussy in her picture galleries and videos so there´s something to look forward to there. The latest updates are detailed on the tour and the picture previews she puts up make the site look like a lot of fun. She certainly seems to enjoy wearing costumes.

Hot Promises

The very first thing that Wild Anna promises is that she´s more than just a tease. She´s not your stereotypical teen and the pictures actually back that up. She doesn´t really do the cute girl thing because she likes being sexy and seductive a whole lot more. She also promises you weekly updates, movies, a webcam show and ?wild? pictures. There´s a not stating that her motivation for the site is to piss her daddy off and that very drive has resulted in lots of naughty entertainment from the women of the world so it should be a good thing for her site.


There´s a note on the member´s main page welcoming you to Wild Anna and there´s not a lot to it. It´s sloppily written but on the bright side there are no advertisements cluttering up the page. You can get right to the pretty porn. Along the top of the page you´ll find links to the various content sections including the pictures and videos, which are the most important parts of the site as far as I´m concerned.

Anna tells us that she was raised by very strict parents. That created a desire to be wild inside her and now she´s going crazy online. As soon as she could escape their grasp she started posing and the results are pretty damn good so far. Her site is absurdly fresh having launched less than a month ago as of this writing. The amazing thing is that she already has 23 picture galleries and 11 videos for download. You can really have some fun with the hot teenage chick!

When browsing the image sets you´ll see a big thumbnail and you can click to see the regular image at 800px or the big image at 1500px. There´s typically a short description for each gallery so you have some sense of what you´re getting before you click. The pretty young model revels in taking all her clothes off so you will get to see her fresh pussy and her perky breasts a whole heck of a lot. Updates were coming at a fast and furious pace when the site first launched and they have since slowed to a new gallery every week. That´s par for the course with these solo girl sites though.

A solo girl site is all about the outfits for me. The girl can be hot but if she´s posing in boring clothing in every scene then the collection of content is going to lose steam pretty quickly. Wild Anna avoids that issue by trotting out an impressive variety of looks. The fact that she´s already done so many looks and her site is still so new makes me confident that the future is very bright for this beautiful young lady.

So what sort of stuff are you going to see Wild Anna posing in? One of my favorites picture sets has in an 80s-style aerobics outfit. It´s all spandex and it´s tight and shiny, which makes it perfect for those horny guys that like shiny clothes. She rocks a few costumes as well. These include a French maid, a naughty latex nurse, a schoolgirl and an army babe in camouflage. Lingerie is a favorite of hers too. Sometimes it´s simple like the purple bra and panty set she wore in a recent update and sometimes it´s more detailed like the pink and black bustier with stockings and panties you can find towards the beginning of the picture collection.

A big part of Wild Anna´s look is informed by her makeup and hair. She always has heavy eye makeup that strikes me as glamorous. She´s going for a more mature and sexually seductive look. The rest of the makeup on her face is fairly heavy and again it gives her a more glamorous look that I find quite attractive. She has a sweet smile, sexy blue eyes and her long hair is done up in a seductive way. Every picture is geared towards turning you on and seducing you and the girl does a magnificent job of pulling it all off. She´s a true talent and you should let her arouse and seduce you.

In all of her galleries Wild Anna is going to end up fully naked and when that happens the content reaches a peak. I´ll bet someone saw her naked and decided that she just had to have her own site. She has a pair of perfect teenage tits. They´re the right size to fit in your hand and they´re so perky it blows the mind. Those beauties are all natural and she has a nice tight torso with slight hips and a gorgeous ass. She also keeps her young pussy shaved to enhance her youthfulness. She has pierced nipples and a belly button piercing and the trio looks arousing when she´s naked. She´s a beauty of epic proportions and she wants you.

The 11 videos offer a different side of Wild Anna. She still does some of her outfit posing but in general her aim is to get naked and play with her pussy. She´s not kidding when she calls herself wild. The craziest of the clips shows the beauty on her hands and knees on the couch with a chick fucking her hard from behind with a strapon. It´s so hot words cannot do it justice. In almost every video she´s using fingers or a dildo to pleasure her pussy. She vibrates her hole and she´ll stuff the toy inside. She really loves having something inside her. She takes it deep and she moans and she´ll get you all worked up with her moans.

The speed of the video downloads is erratic. There were times when I was getting 1mb/sec and times when I was getting 400kb/sec. The up and down of it was annoying. The videos look pretty damn good though. They play at 3000kbps and are filmed with an HD camera so they look clear. They´re not quite true high definition but it´s close enough. Anna has a British accent and if you´re anything like me you´ll hear it and instantly find her even more attractive.

There´s a diary page but so far Anna has only added one entry. The site is new so I would expect that to continue growing but I can´t guarantee anything. The last addition was more than a week ago so I don´t figure updates will be happening anytime soon. The webcam page is entirely blank. Nothing has been implemented at this point and while it´s nice that she promises webcam shows there´s no reason to believe they´ll actually happen. The complete lack of any bonus content hurts a little bit too. This isn´t going to be a genuinely big site for a long time so a little extra content would have been great.

Croco’s Opinion

Wild Anna brings the pleasure in her member´s area and this newly-minted online model knows what turns guys on. She´s a beauty with a fondness for glamorous makeup and in her picture galleries and videos you´ll see her modeling sexy costumes and hot lingerie along with a few dresses and sexy outfits. You´ll see her stripping and showing off her tits and pussy in every set. In the videos you´ll watch hr masturbate furiously, using her fingers and dildos to get off multiple times. She even gets strapon fucked in one set! Updates come 1-2 times a week and while the lack of bonus content hurts Anna is really hot and she delivers quality content so if you´re looking for a fresh babe to turn you on again she will get the job done.


The site is easy to browse, especially the picture galleries. They need more information about the videos though. You only get one screenshot.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days $69.95 for 180 days.

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